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Mint Bomb 12g x 3pcs

Mint Bomb 12g X 3pcs

8.46 USD
Benefits Lightweight, more comfortable to put on relaxing. A capsule hair mask for hair loss aids putting in volume while replenishing water. Enriched with apple mint as well as peppermint extract, it feeds locks with the allows of abundant nutrients, Vitamin A C. Green tea extract...

Mint Bomb Set 12g x 9pcs

Mint Bomb Set 12g X 9pcs

12.26 USD
Benefits Prevents moisture damage coming from locks with Peppermint Extract for a glowing surface. Nourishes hair with abundant vitamin as well as nutrients A C. Betters hair quality and also stops hair injury with Green Tea Extract. Gives little as well as relaxing conditioning outcome for voluminous...

Milk Shake Hair Mist 150ml

Milk Shake Hair Mist 150ml

17.01 USD
A hiar mist with nourishing and no demand and moisturizing essence for rinsing. Has Protein from dairy extracts to nourish as well as moisurizes locks that is broken . Includes Collogen to smoothen hair with a glowing finish. Includes Ceramide to avoid moisture loss. How you can use one....

Relief Cleanser 200ml

Relief Cleanser 200ml

15.12 USD
A relaxing, moisturising oil-to-form facial cleanser eliminates all traces of impurities as well as beauty products. Filled with ten types of extremely seed, it revitalises dehydrated, fatigued epidermis smoothly while detoxifies off pore waste. seven Free Formulated with no parabens, talc, solvent surfactants, benzophenone, mineral oil, artificial colorants, silicon....

Milk Bomb 3pcs 12g x

Milk Bomb 3pcs 12g X

8.46 USD
FLABOIS Milk Bomb is a capsule type mask set which handily takes proper care of broken hair three times every week. Easy-to-use, more comfortable to nourishing as well as wearing. A capsule hair mask for damaged hair aids replenish nutrients as well as water. Enriched with goat dairy extract as...

Milk Bomb TUBE 200ml

Milk Bomb Tube 200ml

22.71 USD
Benefits Nourishes locks with 1, 400ppm of Goat Milk Extract that has abundant vitamin as well as protein. With Argan Oil, Coconut oil and Avocado Oil for hair oil water balance. Contains White Jelly Fungus Extract to keep fluids to your hair. How you can use one. Following...

Pink Oil 200ml

Pink Oil 200ml

23.66 USD
Lightweight, more comfortable to put on with no sticky feeling. For frizzy, weak hair, damaged hair as a result of dyeing, dryness as well as perm. Coupled with damask rose floral h2o, peony extract as well as cherry blossom extract, it problems and also stops moisture damage by creating barriers....