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Tongue Cleaner Brush B-D3

Tongue Cleaner Brush B-d3

4.66 USD
Brush color is randomly selected. Causes of halitosis Coming from general things like belly diseases. Reasons in the jaws, for example tooth decay as well as tongue buds. In order to eliminate it Brush sort lightly scrape is useful. How you can use Apply the surface area...

Hello Kitty Adult Toothbrush Medium 1 pc

Hello Kitty Adult Toothbrush Medium 1 Pc

4.66 USD
A sweet created toothbrush you are able to enjoy from kids to adults. Hello Kitty 40th anniversary layout. Kitty who's beloved past generations, a big assortment with layouts that are favorite by age. Try finding the favorite kitty of yours. Inner tough hair two-fold hair implantation of...

Toothbrush 1 pc, Random Color, Medium

Toothbrush 1 Pc, Random Color, Medium

4.66 USD
Has a bigger growing quantity compared to the traditional head size and contains a big contact location with all the teeth, therefore it is able to efficiently and easily eliminate tooth plaque. 2 kinds of hair suggestions that will get soiled with very tapering locks and also obtained filthy, falling...