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Diamond Cleansing Pad For Tiles 1 pc

Diamond Cleansing Pad For Tiles 1 Pc

21.76 USD
First - unnatural diamonds fresh cotton Just add water with no substance cleansing agents Easily clean away obstinate stains Japanese federal departments, personal hotel. The best way to Use Water that is clean was put into the cotton, may be utilized to clean out dirt, without adding some detergents...

Cookware-Stain Remove Sponge 1 pc

Cookware-stain Remove Sponge 1 Pc

16.06 USD
Harsh cookware stain eliminate sponge Just add water, with no substance laundry detergent, could clean away the charred persistent soil Created for cleansing stainless steel kitchen utensils, stoves along with other persistent spots With no substance cleaning agents, doesn't damage hands Thoroughly cleanse the dirt in exactly the same period...